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How to use Ahtisham's PMP Exam Program

Over the years Ahtisham has learned that breaking processes down into simple steps is the best way to accomplish any large task. Therefore, here are the steps to passing the PMP Exam.

The steps to passing the PMP Exam:

  1. Determine if your qualify for the PMP Exam
  2. Register for PMP Exam On-Demand
  3. Decide if you are going to join PMI
  4. Obtain required books
  5. Write PMP Application, Submit, Schedule Exam 
  6. Complete Aileen’s Online Program
  7. Pass Exam and Celebrate 
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Step 1 - Determine if you qualify for the PMP exam

Go to:

The information at the right is copied for the above webpage.  Please go directly to the webpage for the most updated information.

Step 2 - Register for:

PMP Online-Self paced learning


One Time Payment - Most Affordable

PMP Virtual Live Batch


Instructor Led - Virtual live training (Batch program)

PMP Virtual Live – Mentor Program


Customised one-on-one

Step 3 - Decide if you are going to join PMI

To join go to:

Step 4 - Obtain required books

NOTE: The PMBOK Guide 7th Edition and the Process Groups Practice Guide have replaced the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Step 5 - Write PMP Application, Submit, and Schedule Exam

Go to: for help with writing your PMP Application

Step 6 - Complete Ahtisham's Program

Once you are a member of my program, email me at if you would like me to help you develop a study plan to address your individual needs.

Steps 7

- Pass Exam and Celebrate


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